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             This is Chris—and his girl Eva Marie on her ride home the day we got her from Danelle Brown of Nomad Corgis.   Chris is the owner of Chris Mims Insurance in Katy, Texas. He loves Corgi’s—dachshunds he love too, but mostly because Trish loves them.

             Chris has been the “golf cart czar” at the annual Wings over Houston Airshow  for the last two years. Before than he had worked with good friend Jeff Foltz in the Golf Cart Motorpool at the airshow for over 10 years. Jeff moved on to bigger and better things in the finance department of the airshow and Chris got promoted!

             Chris is also very involved in the University of Houston Alumni Organization, and is President of the University of Houston Cougar Band Alumni. The link at the bottom of the page will connect you to the Band Alumni Website.

             Chris loves to read, play games, putter around in the yard, and above all—COOK!

             If you have been fortunate enough to get one of his cheese cakes you are lucky indeed! When we built our house in 2004 great care was put into selecting the perfect appliances and layout for the kitchen. The result has been weight gain for all residents!

             Chris is also interested in Formula 1 Racing and is a HUGE Ferrari fan. Can you now guess where Michael got his name? Michael Schumacher is a winner in our book forever!

             Chris recently got a brand new set of Calloway golf clubs and is on a mission to play better golf. He’s been taking lessons and going to the driving range occasionally in an effort to reduce the “lost ball” count when he plays!

             Chris is pictured below with Gene Kranz, Nasa Flight Director for all Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Missions, including Apollo 13—Houston We have a Problem! This picture was taken at the Wings Over Houston Airshow.

Chris’ own Version of “Mud’s Women” and a few guys thrown in too


Chris’ Klingon Babe


Chris’ “Show Girl” - Carnival Conquest 2003


Chris’ other “Show Girl” - Carnival Conquest 2006


Chris’ Pirate Chick—Carnival Conquest 2006


Chris & Mary Matlin

Matlin is a former counselor to Vice President Cheney and an influential strategist for the White House


Chris and Marty Feinstein

CEO Farmers Insurance Group—Retired March 2005


Chris and Dr. Wiliam C Moffit

2003 UH Band Reunion Day


Chris at Work

Chris’s Stuff

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