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Trish is an avid and award winning needleworker having earned several “outstanding” rosettes and one Best In Show at the Fort Bend County Fair. Her heritage of needlework comes from her Paternal Grandmother Ila Savannah Donald, and her mother both of whom where dedicated needlewomen and quilters throughout their lives.


Trish is a member of the Embroiderer’s Guild of America.

Hardanger Angel

Best in Show

Fort Bend County Fair

September 2003

Scottish Sampler

1st Place

Fort Bend County Fair

September 2004


Outstanding Rosette

Fort Bend County Fair

September 2006

Hope Sampler

Outstanding Rosette

Fort Bend County Fair

September 2002

Antique Roses and Puttering in the Garden...

We share an interest in Antique Roses and Native Texas Plants. Our first home—WAY back in 1980—we landscaped entirely with Native Texas Plants and antique roses. We have followed that pattern in both our home in Pecan Grove and our dream house that we built in 2003. We have nearly 2 acres now to “putter” in and it is just enough to keep us off the streets, and give us enough planned garden projects to keep us busy until we are probably 80. Our Antique Rose population has exploded!


Here are some pictures of the beginning of our landscape efforts at our home in Windloch Estates.


Our “chicken coop” - Not really—just a trellis for our Fortunes Double Yellow


Our New Veggie Garden—not finished yet. :-)


Our budding Herb Garden


Our four Tropic Snow Peach Trees—YUM YUM!


Our new Orange and Meyer Lemon Trees


Mme Joseph Schwartz Blooms—Spring 2007


Our Maggie Rose Bloom—Spring 2007


Francis Debreuil Blooms—Spring 2007


Duchess De Brabant Blooms—Spring 2007


Texas Buckeye—Native Tree—Spring 2007


Front Rose Beds—just beginning to bloom—Spring 2007




Trish’s Stuff

To Contact us:


Phone: 281-344-9407


Email: phantomdach@earthlink.net


Last Updated: December 20, 2011