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Tiffany’s G Diamond Jim

Call Name: Jimmy

July 13, 1994—June 26, 2002

Ch. Rivona Top Notch x Ch. Tiffany’s New Black Nightie

Breeder: Nancy Kretchmer


             Jimmy was the  dog that accompanied us to work every day. He was “always” there. He was a joy and a very special part of our lives.


             We lost Jimmy very unexpectedly to cardiomyopathy at about seven years of age. We were devastated, and while time doesn’t heal all wounds, it does give you some perspective on what you really want. And it wasn’t long until we added a new Pembroke Welsh Corgi to the house.

Ch. Woodburn Nomad Phantom Racer

Call Name: Michael

DOB: September 8, 2002—October 14, 2010

Ch. Ch Pot O'Gold's Front Runner x

Woodburn Nomad YTWOK Bug

BREEDER: Leigh Bennett & Danelle Brown


             Mikey came to us as a darling little bundle from breeder Danelle Brown at about 12 weeks old. He is a real charmer, and we enjoyed helping showing him to his Championship. We put 1/2 the points and his first major on him our selves and Danelle took him to some shows and earned the rest of his points.

             He is not at all interested in herding anything but dachshunds. He has retired to couch potato status, and does go to work with us several days a week.

             We lost Mikey in a set of unfortunate circumstances in 2010. Our house will never be the same.

Nomad Phantom Grand Prix

Call Name: Eva Marie Saint


DOB: May 11, 2005

Ch. Twinan Another Chance for Salvenik

x Ch. Nomad’s Lamour of Greymont

BREEDER: Jim Sawyer & Debbie Sawyer &

Danelle Brown


             Check out our newest addition!  We are looking forward to great things from our little fireball. 

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