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DOB: November 14, 2005

BISS Ch. Sleepytimes Franchise ROMO x  BISS Ch. Phantoms Sweet Intoxication CGC, Field Pointed

BREEDER: Christopher & Patricia Mims

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Last Updated: December 20, 2011

Phantoms Sweet Seduction

Call Name: Caro

Pictured at 12 months


Caro has a 4th place in the Field towards her Field Championship. Chris’s illness has prevented us from showing her in conformation—along with Caro’s own idea that conformation is pretty boring and not on her agenda.


She earned her first leg towards her Junior Earthdog Title on February 27th, 2011.

Phantoms Unparalleled Delight

Call Name: Teensy

Pictured at 20 months


Teensy has a 1st place in the Field towards her Field Championship. She is 8 pounds of pure energy and we love her a lot!



Phantoms Man of Mystery

Call Name: Shepherd

Pictured at 14 months


Shep has been shown in the field a few times and garnered an NBQ. Hopefully this fall we will get him out in the field more and being some Earthdog work with him.



Phantoms Darkest Dreams

Call Name: Abigail

Pictured at 12 months


Abby is a fun loving little ball of energy and we look forward to getting her into the show ring in 2012. Like her Grandma Kate she isn’t sure if she likes it yet, but we will work on that!



Our “Shepherd” Kids


DOB: December 14, 2010

Phantoms Man of Mystery x  BISS Ch. Doxdane Solo Paper Moon ML

BREEDER: Christopher & Patricia Mims

Phantoms Dream Again

Call Name: Tony

Pictured at 12 months


Like his namesake Tony DeNozzo—he is a clown—full of energy and always ready for fun. He will be making his show ring debut in 2012.



Phantoms Make My Dream Take Flight

Call Name: Timmy

Pictured at 10 months


Timmy will be run in the field starting in the spring of 2012. He’s a great little guy and has his Dad wrapped around his little dapple toe!