†††††††††††† Phantom Longhaired Dachshunds is all about us, Chris & Trish Mims and our dogs and the other things we find interesting or just fun to do. We have lived in the Richmond/Rosenberg area of Fort Bend County, Texas since we married in 1980. Trishís first dachshund, Bridget,† came to her at age 16 as a foundling. Chris learned about dachshunds when he asked Trish to marry him and found out the deal included the dog!†


†††††††††††† When Bridget passed away in 1991 at age 14+, we purchased our first purebred longhaired dachshund and began to explore the wonderful, but insane world of dog showing.† In 1994, we added our first Pembroke Welsh Corgi and discovered the alternate universe of Corgiís. In case you† had any question, herding dogs donít do things like hound dogs. Were we ever in for shock!


†††††††††††† We breed our dogs infrequently and strictly for companions and show dogs for our selves. Any puppies that we donít keep are carefully placed in loving homes and we do require them to be spayed/neutered by six months of age. We do not allow our males to be used at public stud.


†††††††††††† We love our dogs, and are very proud of their accomplishments. We hope you enjoy seeing their pictures and pedigrees. And we hope some of our other interests will interest you too.


†††††††††††† As always, feel free to contact us for information about dachshunds, dog training, or dog ownership in general, or anything else you see on our site. We are always willing to do what we can to help make your relationship with your dog is the best it can be.


From our house to yours, may all the joy and blessings of life fill your heart with joy!


†††††††††††† Our dog show activities as well has many of our other interests have been curtailed. Chris has been diagnosed with Amyloidosis and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments for that disease.† You can see our updates on Chris and what is going on with us at CHRIS UPDATES.† You can visit Chrisís Caring Bridge Website by clicking here.


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